Void Cropped Hoodie

Void Cropped Hoodie

This over sized cropped hoodie is the perfect sporty piece you can have fun layering or just worn by itslelf. It's made of neoprene with laser cut holes everywhere and an exterior neoprene pocket. This garment takes 8 hours to make since a black facing is used in every trim of the garment to ensure a clear path way for sewing. You can wear this to the gym, around the house or even a night out in town!  



  • Tech Specs

    -Material: Neoprene

    -Made 2 Order

    -Allow 2 Weeks for Delivery

    -Dry Clean or Hand Wash Only

  • Sizing

    Size             Chest

    S                    46"

    M                   48"

    L                    49.5"

    XL                  51"


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